Personal Ready-to-Eat Meal Plans

Tailored for you, made by our restaurant partners. 

We offer a personalized meal plan service designed to provide ready-to-eat meals that help you eat the way you'd like to. All food is prepared and provided by our restaurant partners to include CAN CAN Health & Wellness, Josey Baker Bread, and Nourish Cafe.

We want to help you eat well consistently, and discover amazing locally-crafted, real food. We don't mark up our partner's prices nor add any fees. 

What you will receive
Each plan includes two to three day's worth of carefully packaged, freshly prepared, ready-to-eat meals from our restaurant partners based on how you'd like to eat. This may include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages. Our service is meant to provide food to cover the course of more than one day. Unlike typical carry out or delivery, we have worked with our partners on meal plan-specific menus for offerings that will last for up to two to three days, provided in a manner so that everything can be refrigerated upon receiving and enjoyed through that time. Regular updates include offerings not always found on our partners' in-store or online menus.

There is a $160 minimum on meal plan orders. Deliveries are available from select restaurant partners at an extra set cost. One purveyor per order. 72 hour notice (business day) for each meal plan. We will aim to accommodate meal plan requests under 72 hour notice whenever possible.

The process
1. Send us an order request for a meal plan with more information about what you’re looking for to
2. Once we receive your order request, we will schedule a brief phone conversation with you to better understand your dietary preferences, and we’ll put together a personalized plan for you.
3. Your meal plan will be put together for you, and available for pick up or delivery at a scheduled time after your order is confirmed. You'll receive your ready-to-enjoy meals, carefully created for you by our restaurant partners.

We serve as a platform for select local purveyors to offer their food in meal plan formats with no markups nor added fees. We’ll help you design your plan based on your preferences. All orders are fulfilled by our restaurant partners. We can accommodate most diets including gluten-free, pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian, and more. We work with our restaurant partners to work for you, and help you eat well.