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The theory

We believe each of us has our own unique way of eating. Our mission is to help you easily enjoy your favorite foods within the framework of your own dietary theory.


What we offer.

We want to help you eat well consistently and discover healthy locally made food, beverages, and more. We offer individual ready-to-eat meal plans, catering, and kitchen stocking of fresh and packaged high integrity products. Everything is made by select top local San Francisco restaurants and food purveyors to include CAN CAN Health & Wellness, Josey Baker Bread, Nourish Cafe, Toasty, Wholesome Bakery, and The YES Bar. There are no markups nor fees. Delivery and/or shipping is separately available.


How it works: healthy, locally-made real food for you, your team, or your kitchen.

It's a simple process, but at the same time highly personalized. You have the opportunity to create a unique menu for a meal plan, catering need, or for stocking your kitchen with healthy food and beverages based on your preferences. Simply email us and we’ll help you place your orders. All food and beverages come directly from our food partners to you. We serve as a platform for select local purveyors to offer their food this way with no markups nor fees (delivery is additional). A good place to read more about our service is via our FAQ page