About Us

We want everyone to be able to consistently and conveniently eat good food that works for them, and discover high integrity local purveyors in the process.

We offer personal ready-to-eat meal plans, healthy catering, and kitchen stocking with food and beverages made by select top local San Francisco purveyors including CAN CAN Health & Wellness, Josey Baker Bread, Nourish Cafe, Toasty, Wholesome Bakery, and The YES Bar. We currently serve San Francisco, California; US.

For meal plans, our mission is to help you easily enjoy your favorite foods within the framework of your own dietary theory, without having to think of the recipes, source the ingredients, or prepare the meals yourself. You're provided with a variety of nutritious fully-cooked meals and snacks that will carry you through two to three full days, all made fresh by local purveyors with the highest quality, mindful ingredients. 

Each meal plan can be personalized and put together for you with food and beverages that you select based on how you'd like to eat. You may be wanting to try a certain diet for a couple of weeks, or you simply want to eat well consistently. You'll be able to have food to enjoy based on your preferences — all you have to do is heat your meals as needed and enjoy. 

We also offer healthy catering and personal and corporate kitchen stocking from our partners with no markup on prices, nor fees. All food and beverages come directly from our food partners to you (delivery additional). Our aim is to help you and your teams eat well and thrive. 



  • Individual, personalized ready-to-eat meal plans

  • Catering services with delivery from select restaurant partners

  • Corporate & personal kitchen stocking


The Team

Dolly Renick; Founder, Creative Director
Ariel Thorpe, DC; Wellness Advisor
Elaina Envia; Community + Account Manager
Viktoria Bisanz; Account Director
Raquel Ledesma; Wellness Contributor
Daniel Lee; Photography
Elbert Miller; Design
Mattia Caracciolo; Design, Illustration
Frances Bradley; Ceramics
Susanna Kalnes; Media + Press


COMMUNITY Food PurveyorS / San Francisco  

CAN CAN Health & Wellness, Laurel Heights; SF, CA
Josey Baker Bread, Divisadero; SF, CA
Nourish Cafe, Inner Richmond; SF, CA
Nourish Cafe, Nob Hill; SF, CA
The YES Bar, Mission; SF, CA
Toasty, Cow Hollow; SF, CA
Wholesome Bakery, Lower Haight; SF, CA


We currently serve San Francisco, California USA. 

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For meal plan, catering, or kitchen stocking inquiries, please email: orders@theoryfoods.com

For any other inquiries, please email: info@theoryfoods.com 



Photos on this site are from Daniel Lee for Theory Foods, shot at Cove in San Francisco, California. All photos are original unless credited otherwise. Please do not use or repost without permission or credit. Mission statement background photo by Julie Fay Ashborn.